Ilford Station, London


Creation of interim ticket office and customer facing facilities



Ilford station is to be re-built as part of the Crossrail project and Wilson & Partners were appointed to a multidisciplinary role covering all aspects of Architecture and Engineering to provide the design for the temporary entrance facilities during the re-construction. Although temporary, the entrance must cater for the full foot fall of the existing station. Our design approach utilised existing semi derelict buildings adjacent to the station carpark and a new protected walkway from Ilford Hill.


Three design options were submitted to Network Rail in the GRIP 3 Report and responses awaited before Progressing to GRIP Stage 4.


Services & Solutions

The handover from the current station facilities to the temporary entrance is to be completed during normal overnight station closure without disruption to the existing train time tables. The design was approached with a view to installing and commissioning parallel systems in advance of hand over in order to reduce the time required and thus minimise the risk of disruption to railway operations.    

Project Description | Temporary Station Facilities at Ilford Station


Client | ATKINS Rail


Project Timeline | March 2015 to August 2016


Project Value |£1.8M